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Fans of lightweight Linux distributions, please prepare yourself for some excitement. You see, 4MLinux 43.0 has achieved stable status! Yes, folks, you can download version 43.0 of the operating system now.

For those seeking efficient productivity tools, the 4MLinux 43.0 series boasts LibreOffice 7.5.5, a powerful option for document editing. It further includes GNOME Office software such as AbiWord 3.0.5, GIMP 2.10.34, and Gnumeric 1.12.55, offering a well-rounded solution for a diverse range of tasks.

When it comes to online web browsing, Firefox 115.0.2 and Chrome 115.0.5790.110 ensure a seamless internet surfing experience. Users will also appreciate the Thunderbird 115.0.1 email client, which offers a user-friendly interface and diverse functionality.

Media lovers are not left behind, with Audacious 4.3.1 available for managing music collections and VLC 3.0.18 alongside SMPlayer 23.6.0 offering an excellent video playback experience. For gaming enthusiasts, 4MLinux supports a broad array of games via Mesa 23.1.1 and Wine 8.12.

Developers, too, will find much to appreciate with the 4MLinux LAMP Server, integrating Linux 6.1.33, Apache 2.4.57, MariaDB 10.6.14, and PHP versions 5.6.40, 7.4.33, and 8.1.19. Plus, it offers a suite of programming languages including Perl 5.36.0, Python 2.7.18, Python 3.11.3, and Ruby 3.1.4.

The 43.0 series also introduces several new features. Users will find SoundFonts for FluidSynth and the mtPaint raster graphics editor. There’s an added attraction of Java-based games like Flappy Bird, Karoshi, Micropolis, and Zuma.

In a nod to the retro-gaming community, XMMS in 4MLinux now supports an array of classic sound formats from platforms like Amiga, Atari, Commodore, and ZX Spectrum. Simultaneously, it has been updated to play modern AVC/HEVC video formats.

If you want to try out 4MLinux 43.0 for yourself, you can download an ISO here now.

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